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Wedding gown & accessories
We're selling most latest,fashion wedding gown and accessories in wholesale price
Contact us : 012-7123405 ( call or whatsapp ) /facebook's inbox

*Items are delivered within 2 weeks after the BATCH finish.
*Sometimes buyers can get the items before BATCH finish, it is depends on the amounts of buyers purchase.
*If the items are OUT OF STOCK, we will notify you and provide refund/exchange if u already make payment.
*Please do not buy, if you are a perfectionist who looking on the excellent quality. (With this reasonable price, you will not get best quality but the quality is good)
*Please do not buy if you are not a serious buyer.
*Be considered that the colors/visual effects of the actual item might vary due to the graphic of the display
*We will not accept the reasons of color different from photo, clothing too transparent, too big, too small, not my expectation, uncomfortable for refund or exchange.
*The items are can be exchange if wrong deliver or clothing error..
*Anyway, we are trying to provide good quality and services to all customers and at the same time, we hope we can cooperate with our buyers too. Thanks



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