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As you may have probably guessed it (hooray to you!), yes that is our names in short. We are Jonathan and Jeannette, founders of Jonajean photography. Photos especially to us are like a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. Its full of depth, feel, emotion and it describes life even better than words. In pursuit of this passion in our everyday busy career lives, we soon realized that we were ready to make this passion our ecstasy, to move beyond passion, beyond our boundaries. Now its our full time career to be proud of. We fuel from new adventures, people and experiences. Its amazing how these journeys show us different cultures, connections, relationships and life itself, keeping us constantly inspired to capture that special moment.

Our business is fundamentally based on relationships we cultivate with our clients and we pride ourselves on remaining attentive to clients' needs. Storytelling is the driving force behind everything we create. Every photograph help weave your personalized story together for your future self and generations to come. Everyone has a story to be told, it would be an honor and a privilege to be allowed to tell yours.

Our style . Your experience .
Did you know that your wedding day will go by in a blink of an eye? I guess every bride would say that it's so true and they would give anything to have one thing - more time. As photographers, we can give you the gift of time. We capture and preserve moments you can keep forever. We are not referring to your wedding dress or the gorgeous cake. Its the in between moments, exchanges of looks, laughter and endless hugs that matter more. We want the real sincere love. All your quirky love, laugh and tears, how you light up each other, bringing out the real kid in each other. These are real memories that will give you butterflies, precious moments to relive all your life.

This is our style - natural, simple, genuine.
We value every moment with our clients and we want to get to know you better as a friend to give you an amazing experience.
In the meantime, feel free to take a look at our pass experiences and creations and see if we have anything in common! If we sound like a good match, we would love to meet you and hear all about you special day. Thanks for dropping by!



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